Monday, August 9, 2010

Racecar Kisses

Darren has always been kind of a Momma's boy, and he loves to give kisses to his Mommy! :) His mommy has absolutely no objection to these kisses, knowing that all too soon, he will be too embarrassed and that period of my sweet little man will be over. Lately, he has become more creative with his kisses. A few weeks ago, I was tucking him in and he commented that he wanted to give me a "fireworks kiss". I still to this day have no idea what a fireworks kiss is-just that he takes a deep breath before planting a kiss on my cheek! Tonight, however, was a new one. I had taken off his clothes to change him into his jammies and he jumped up and ran to the other side of his room, commenting that he wanted to give me a "RACECAR KISS MOMMY!!!". I, of course, was all for it. So, my beanpole son, wearing only his diaper, took a deep breath, revved his scrawny little arms like he was running for a few seconds, and took off across the room, and JUMPED for all he was worth into my arms with his little arms tight around my neck and the best little boy kiss you can imagine. He held on for a few seconds and then he looked at me with those beautiful blue eyes, almost as if he was asking "whatcha think Mommy?" I was hooked and I think I will remember that moment for the rest of my life. He kept looking at me until I just had to laugh and then I told him that I LOVED racecar kisses. That was all he needed and headed out of his room, on to bigger and better things. I read him and Ellie a book, and then told them to give Daddy a kiss good-night and head to their beds. I bet you can guess what kind of kiss Daddy got tonight too! By this point, there were apparently requirements that Daddy didn't know about, like you have to stand a very specific distance away and that you are supposed to catch the racecar kisser when he jumps at you. The distance problem was easily solvable, but when Daddy didn't catch him, the resulting crash had us all laughing hysterically. Attempt 2 was very succesful, as was 3 and 4, and then I had to shut it down as things were getting a little crazy. :)
As I tucked him into his little bed, I gave him a little zerbert on his cheek and thanked him for the racecar kisses. He smiled at me with his mouth AND his eyes and said "You're welcome Mommy". Melts my heart I tell ya! All too soon, he's going to be too tough to give his mom ANY kisses, let alone racecar ones! Don't grow up too fast little man and keep those racecar kisses comin'!