Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Real Love

Today I want to use my space to wish two very special people a very special Happy Anniversary. My parents are the most "in love" people I have ever seen. Not in a mushy, gross, showy kind of way but in a best-friend kind of love. Growing up there were plenty of times that I would be grossed out and roll my eyes, but what kid doesn't? :) But at the same time, there were times that I would walk into the kitchen and see them just standing there talking with their arms around each other or the living room and see Mom sitting on Dad's lap in the rocking chair.  My mom ALWAYS stopped what she was doing when my dad got home from work to give him a kiss, and she probably still does. I know without a shadow of a doubt that my dad would sacrifice his life for my mom. This is probably going to embarrass him (sorry Dad!) but being with him while my mom had her surgery when she had breast cancer and then watching him take care of her afterwards just solidified it. And she of course was worried about him worrying about her. :) The love he has for her, that they have for each other, is an amazing, wonderful, rare thing. What a wonderful gift to give to a child-the knowledge that her parents love each other no matter what. So Thank You Mom and Dad, for giving me a wonderful example of what real love looks like, and for making it easy to find my perfect man by using your example. I love you guys and wish you so many more happy years together!