Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What a Day!!!

So my wonderful hubby has been traveling the last couple of days for work, so me and the hooligans have been holding down the fort. It has been a rough couple of days, to say the least. I know this is one of those times that I am going to look back on and laugh, but currently, I am expecting to look in the mirror and see my hair COMPLETELY gray! Come along as I share the events of the last couple days in the Brandt household:
So my normally sweet, complient, easy-going son turned 3 last week, and I am pretty sure got replaced by aliens during the night with a monster. Seriously. This child has turned into a dramatic, mean, disrespectful terror! He walks up to his sisters, wacks them in the face, and walks away like that's a completely normal occurance. He has bitten Claire, something he has NEVER EVER done in his life, twice. Both times were in the bathtub (why?? who knows!!!) and both times have been close to drawing blood! I've been bitten a couple of times in the past and holy shamoly-those little teeth are SHARP! So there's that drama going on...
Meanwhile, little sister hooligan is again on a "discovery" rampage, with her brother as her very willing accomplice. Yesterday, I sent them outside so I could work on some homework for a few minutes. Ellie tells me they are playing in the water, to which I reply something to the effect of "tell them mommy says get out or they are in trouble" which usually works. Not so much this time. Eventually I go outside to see Claire and Darren standing in the MUD in the STREET (ok, the curb, but still a place they know they are not allowed). I discipline both of them, they cry pitifully, and I return inside thinking that all is well. NOOOOTTTTT!!! My eldest child again dutifully tells me that Darren and Claire are back in the water. I head back outside and this time Darren has gotten a bucket, is scooping up the mud/mucky water and DUMPING IT ALL OVER CLAIRE'S HEAD!!!!! One would think the child getting dumped on would cry or SOMETHING, but nope-she's happy as a lark!! ***HUGE sigh**** Ok, so silver lining is that I gave them a bath, which meant they didn't need one that night-trying to think positive here!
So, I finally get them in bed, heave a HUGE sigh of relief and head to bed myself with a HUGE headache. I never sleep too well when Sam is gone-I hear noises and just miss him there beside me I guess! :) Wake up this morning-STILL a huge pounding headache. Being preggo, I can't take my good migraine meds that I normally would, so I ask Ellie if she would mind keeping an eye on the kiddos so I can sleep a little more and hopefully that will help. They can each have fruit snacks to tide them until breakfast and they can watch cartoons or read books quietly. She agrees (she's AWESOME btw-don't know what I would do w/out her!!!) So, amazingly, it's quiet and I get up about an hour later. I walk into the kitchen and the headache is back in FULL FORCE! Claire is up on the counter (having seen big sister move the chair to climb up to get the fruit snacks) and pretty much emptied out the entire cupboard there. She also managed to open up the bottle of dish soap and is COVERED in it, along with the counter and all the spilled contents. LOVELY!!!! Do you know how hard it is to WIPE up dish soap??? I do, and it's IMPOSSIBLE!!! So, I stick Claire in the tub (AGAIN-she's REALLY clean these days), and she starts rubbing her eyes which of course, burns like the dickens, I'm sure! I finally get it rinsed out and then stand her up and turn on the shower so the suds will actually rinse off her instead of just bubbling. She is already upset about her eyes, and this is the icing on the cake. She is NOT a happy little girl. We finally get the soap all rinsed off and she looks like she was on drugs with her red eyes, so even though I am still a little disgusted, I just put a diaper on her and we snuggle for a while. Peace ensues until a little while later, Mommy is again distracted by one of the 6 million things I need to do that never seem to get done when Claire walks out of the bathroom BUCK NAKED with a wipe in her hand. She had pooped in her diaper, then proceeded to take it off, wipe her bum with some wipes (that she was still carrying around), and then sat on the potty seat, which was on the floor, not the potty at the time. By the time, I figured out what was going on, she knew I was mad and collapsed on the floor, poopy hiney and all! GGGGRRRRRR!!!! You guessed it, there was nastiness ALL over and I swear I was distracted for 5 seconds! How the heck are they so fast?!?!?! The silver lining to this story is that I am now seriously considering potty training her-or stapling her pants to her.
WHEW! That was theraputic just writing about these last couple of days. Rereading all this, it really is kind of funny. Some days I just don't know if I can do this, but somehow, it always works out, even if Mommy is gray by the time she's 30.
So my wonderful hubby is home (THANK GOODNESS), so I need to fill him in on my last few days and demand a 5 hour massage and a foot rub! :) I'm kidding-I know he works hard, and this is MY job, but I think we need to discuss a raise at least...