Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Thanks to a Stranger

Dear Stranger in front of me today at Wal-Mart:
I know you will never see this, but I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated you today. You saw me with my 3 little munchkins-1 IN the cart, 1 BESIDE the cart, and 1 strapped to me-and didn't comment "oh my! You must have your hands full! Are they all yours?". Instead, you looked at me and smiled and then asked if I needed you to unload my cart. I think I was in shock but managed to reply that I would be fine, but thanks so much! You didn't stop there however-you then asked if I wanted you to wait with me and help me get my purchases out to my car! My hooligans were actually not being too bad (if you don't count Claire STANDING in the front of the cart-with no shoes on and VERY old socks that she INSISTED on wearing-reaching precariously for a little box of Goldfish-I don't so you shouldn't either) so I assured you that I was fine but thanks so much for offering! I turned around to finish unloading my cart and when I turned back around, you were gone. Almost like you had never been there-but I will never forget you. I promise you this though. Someday, when I actually go to Wal-Mart by myself :) and I see a mom with her busy little people, trying to keep them occupied while they are waiting in line, I will offer to help her unload her cart and carry them to her car. And I may even tell her about you, Mrs. Nameless Stranger who made this Mom's day. And if you see me again...please offer again. Just because I didn't need you today doesn't mean there aren't days that I HAVE to run to the store when I would rather just keep my tired babies at home. There will be times that I am THAT mom with THOSE kids who people "tsk tsk" at and I would rather just sit down in the aisle and cry as opposed to going through that check out. At those times, you really will be my heaven sent angel, so please-keep offering and someday, in your honor, I will do the same. Thanks Wal-Mart Lady-from the bottom of my heart.

Friday, September 16, 2011

"Where are we going? (Clap Clap Clap) To the Jungle!"

So I'm on FB and a friend's status is "I'm the map, I'm the Map, I'm the Map..." you get the idea. For those of you who may not "get it" this is the song from Dora. This reminded me of a story that I thought you, my lovely followers, might enjoy.
So the other day my kids were playing Dora. They found a little mat thing that you can drive cars on, you know like it has roads and stuff on it? So they had the mat and that was their map. They were walking up and down the halls singing "Where are we going? (clap, clap, clap) To the (fill in the blank, wherever they were going)". I thought it was pretty cute but didn't think too much of it-hey they were happy and playing nicely together, so I was happy! I was cleaning up the kitchen, which is seems I do ALL day-how is that possible???? ANYHOO, Darren walks in with a screw and said "Here Mommy, this came out of the wall". I hadn't heard anything crash, so I didn't think too much of it and went about my business. All of a sudden I hear Sam holler "WHAT IN THE WORLD?!?!" I run to the living room where my living room curtains are hanging precariously-one end of the rod is completely off the wall (hence the screw my son brought to me) and the other end is just about there. I just about had heart failure. Long Story Short-they were playing Dora and were in the Jungle. Everyone knows that in the jungle there are vines and you have to swing on them, right? We we seem to have a shortage of vines in our house at the present time, so the next logical thing is the living room curtains, right?!?!?!? Oh my dear...what a disaster. They got in trouble, but sercretly, inside I was kind of proud of their creativity! :) Let's just hope that next time they find a "vine" outside....

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hip Hip Hooray!!

The wash machine is going, Kai is content, and I have brushed my teeth. I consider this morning a success. :) Thought I would take a moment to update my blog since I haven't done so in a while!
Yesterday I had to take Kai to Iowa City for another checkup. I had to go by myself which I wasn't crazy about, but it turned out ok. Fellow mom's understand how nice it was to listen to NOT kid CDs or just have silence if I so desired...ahhh sweet silence...I miss you! :) I left a little early and hit up the Coralville Mall and actually found stuff for myself-that NEVER happens so I consider it a sucess! I even bought a few birthday/Christmas gifts-go me! :)
We have been tapering off on Kai's dilations and I was really hoping that they would tell me we could stop. My wishes were granted-Dr. Pitcher said that everything looked GREAT and he was extremely pleased. I pointed out some more "cosmetic" issues that I wanted to make sure weren't going to lead to other issues (I tend to be a slight bit paranoid, but I think that's acceptable) and Dr. Pitcher smiled and said something to the effect of "I do the best I can, but I am a man. I can't make it like the Creator would." :) I knew I liked this guy! :) He said that's Kai's little bum looks almost better than normal and we can completely stop the dilations!!! YAY!!! We have to go back the end of October for Kai's MRI and we'll see Dr. Pitcher again and he will evaluate Kai to make sure he hasn't regressed at all, but he didn't seem to think that would be a problem. He said he may have some problems with constipation in a month or so, but was very thorough in explaining how to spot it since it's a little different than normal constipation and I feel confident that I could do so. He commented on how happy Kai was and was rewarded with a "full face" smile! :)
On a completely different note: my Ellie girl has her first cheer clinic this afternoon-she is VERY excited and I have to admit that I'm pretty excited too. :) I have to admit, I kind of wish I could get out there and cheer with her! HAHA wouldn't that be a sight! She gets to cheer before the football game on Friday so my little performer is VERY much looking forward to that! :)
Claire just informed me that my name is now "kid" and she is "Mom" and do I want some butter on my toast? Yes please. "Ok kid-it's time to eat your breakfast and then I have to go to the store". Guess I better get going to get something accomplished today! Wish me luck!! :)