Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Header!!!

I was just so excited with my new blog header that I just had to share! Thanks SO much to my awesomely talented sis-in-law Heather Brandt for designing it for me! :) AND on a side note...seriously-look at those kids-how CUTE are they!! :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Missing Darren...or Not!

Tonight's bedtime routine was a little less hectic than normal due to the fact that we are down a kid! Darren and Owen are having a special "Boys Weekend" with the very brave (and I am quite certain by now TIRED) Grandma and Papa! Darren was very excited to spend some quality time with his BFF Owen and I'm sure they are having a blast.
Anyway, tonight while we were eating, Sam was teasing the girls and said something to the effect of "You know what? We don't need Darrey. Let's just leave him at Grandma and Papa's." Claire got this look on her face and I honestly thought she was going to cry! I wish you could have heard her-she almost sounded hysterical! "NO DADDY!!! NO! DON'T LEAVE HIM AT GRANDMA AND PAPA'S HOUSE!!!! NO Daddy! Darrey needs to come HOME!!!" Awww...isn't that sweet, I said to myself. Claire is missing her brother! So I asked her why she didn't want Darren to stay at Grandma and Papa's, all the while imagining her response of something along the lines of "I miss him!" or "I wuv him" know something sweet and sappy. *SIGH* I should have known better! :) Her actual response made her baby brother jump as both Sam and I just BUSTED out laughing. "Mommy, Darrey HAS to come home" "Why??" "Because if he doesn't come home then I can't go to Grandma and Papa's!" HAHAHAHA! She wasn't worried or missing her big brother at all! She just wanted him to get home so she could have her special time with Grandma and Papa!!! That girl...LOVE HER TO DEATH! :)