Wednesday, August 31, 2011

On this day in 2010...

My Happy Little Man :)

This morning when I opened my Facebook page, a little message on the side told me what I had posted on this day in 2010. It was as follows:

Tiffani Harbaugh Brandt is SUPER excited to make the big announcement!! Another little Brandt will be joining our family next April! We are all very excited and I have answered about 6 million little questions in the last few days! :) Ellie cried she was so excited, and Darren is convinced the baby is warm and cozy with his blanky in there! :)

Part of me can't believe that was only 1 year ago and part of me feels like "holy smokes! It's been a year already!" From thinking we were going to lose him to a miscarriage to his issues after he was born, it's been a wild ride but I am thankful every day for my squishy smiley little boy. He brings so much joy to our family. He adores his big brother and sisters, even when they are rocking his swing like maniacs and in his face kissing him constantly. He just goes with the flow and is happy as long as he has a clean diaper, a full tummy and Mommy in his sight! :) He even tolerates his mommy kissing on his squishy cheeks all the time.

I remember being giddy with excitement when I pushed "post" on that message. I think it was because I knew that he was going to be my last baby so I was determined to enjoy every second of it! I'm still trying too and it just seems to be going so fast! My heart still gets a little sad when I tuck him into his crib in Darren's room-now "The Boys" room- instead of his little cradle in my room, and I admit, I cry a little when I have to put bigger clothes in his closet, but at the same time, he is growing and laughing and talking and is so much fun to be with. AND sleeping consistently thru the night is WONDERFUL! :)

So Kai Geordon Brandt, my Little Man, I am so glad I was able to post that update on this date in 2010. You make our family complete and I can't imagine my life without you in it! I love you Buddy!