Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Heaven Forbid Life Gets Too Boring in our Household!!

Seriously, why do my kids never have normal illnesses? ***SIGH*** I'm going to rename this blog the Medical Craziness of Brandt Family or something like that. Guess I better start at the beginning.

Yesterday afternoon, I took Kai and my nephew Charlie out to ride in the combine and tractors with the awesome guys from DeGroote Farms. They were in little boy heaven to say the least. When the big kids got off the bus at Thad and Liz's, I took the little boys back to Liz to play for a bit while I took the older kids for their turn. We hadn't been going long when I got a call from Liz that Kai was complaining of severe stomach pain. I could hear him sobbing over the phone. I was pretty sure that he was just tired since it had been a pretty big day for him and we hadn't had supper or anything yet. But as soon as I could I went to go pick him up. He was sitting on Liz's lap just sobbing. Got the other yahoos and their stuff and we headed for home. Meanwhile he is literally thrashing around in pain. He was doubled over and just kept wailing "Mommy! My tummy hurts, my tummy hurts. My tummy just hurts so bad". Just before we got home, he threw up, which I assumed would help his tummy, but it didn't. Got home and called my resident dr (aka my Mom :)) and decided that we should take him in since he was still doubled over and wailing. Sam took Kai to Sartori while I stayed home to manage homework, showers, supper, etc. Thank goodness for texting. They did a bunch of tests- blood work, urine tests, x-rays and found out he had a bladder infection. He's had a bladder infection before and it wasn't as severe or as sudden of pain so I wasn't convinced that a uti was the cause. In the meantime, they had started him on morphine because his pain was so bad. They did an ultrasound and a ct scan, where they finally discovered that my poor sweet boy has a kidney stone. A kidney stone?!?!?! Seriously? I have never heard of a kid with a kidney stone. I'm sure it happens, but I have never heard of it. Why couldn't it just be a normal thing like an appendix or something like that? Guess we like to keep things from being too dull at the Brandt house.
I was just finally crawling into bed at around 11 when Sam called that they had found a stone and were transporting him via ambulance to Covenant. Of course I kind of freaked when I heard ambulance, but it was just because of the morphine. However, that was about the max my mommy heart could take, so I called my parents. Bless their hearts, they crawled out of their warm beds and came over to be with my other kiddos so I could head to the hospital. I brought some clothes and supper for Sam who hadn't eaten yet. Got there about 12:15 just as the ambulance was pulling up. Finally got up to the right floor and I could hear him crying. Other mommas know what I'm talking about-it was like mom radar right to the sound of that crying. The morphine had worn off on the ride, so he was in quite a bit of pain again. Poor kid was so exhausted that he kept trying to fall asleep but all of a sudden would just start thrashing around and screaming his tummy hurt. It was horrible to watch. I finally just crawled in bed with him and snuggled. I started humming "Amazing Grace" which is what I sing/hum when I rock them if they don't feel good or whatever. I kept humming and scratching his back and head and he seemed to settle for short periods of time, but would always wake up crying. FINALLY, they got all the t's crossed and i's dotted so they could give him his morphine and once that kicked in, he was out. That poor baby was absolutely exhausted. Once he settled, I headed for home since I was working this morning. I have been running the scale for DeGroote Farms during harvest. It's so fun-I love it. It's not like I'm unreplaceable by any means, but it's also not like there is an abundance of people just sitting on their haunches there waiting for something to do. Rick was very sweet this morning and told me to go, but Sam and I agreed last night that if Kai had a good night, we both didn't need to be there. We have been keeping in touch (SO thankful for cell phones!!!!) and I even talked to Kai for a bit this morning. He was drinking some juice watching cartoons and said he felt good. Sam said he doesn't seem to be in any pain, but they aren't sure if the stone has passed or if it's just the morphine doing it's thing. They were going to do a cath later this morning (because he can't pass urine on his own-that would be just too simple. We have to throw in curves like neurogenic bladders to keep life from being boring!!) and see what they could see. So now, it's a waiting game to determine the next step!
This momma is running on coffee and prayer this morning. My adrenaline was still going when I got home about 2:30 so I got my laundry sorted :). I think I finally crashed about 3:15-3:30. I slept until about 6:30 and then off and on until a little after 7, so it was a pretty short night. Soon as I'm done with work, I'm going to go snuggle in an oh-so-comfortable hospital bed and nap with my baby in my arms! I know he's not a baby, but I tell my kids even when they are 100 they will still be my babies!! :)
SOOOO in the seemingly never ending saga of medical craziness, we would again appreciate your prayers. Please pray that Sam and I make the right choices for him and for my sweet little boy that all this passes quick and his pain stays under control. We appreciate them so much!

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