Friday, October 24, 2014

Follow Up to the Kidney Stones

Just thought I would do a quick follow up to let everyone know that Kai is doing great. Tuesday he slept until about 8:30 Sam said and was pretty happy. They gave him a dose of morphine at 8:15 and then just waited to see if the pain would start to flair up as the morphine wore off. Thankfully it didn't. He never officially passed the stone that anyone could find, but being that his pain wore off, we were discharged. I was pretty nervous that we would get home and he would be in pain like that again. Experiencing that once in my lifetime is enough thank you very much! Thankfully everything was fine. I still need to call to Iowa City and see what they have to say. I know the pediatrician from Covenant had been in touch with them, but I never got to talk to her and I am interested to see what they think.

My older kids had ridden the bus to Thad and Liz's (Thanks Liz-you're a lifesaver! :)) until my mom got off work. She sent me this pic~

I love this…all lined up like little stair steps. They make me happy.

After we were officially discharged, Kai called Grandma to tell her that we were on our way home and she asked if we wanted to come for pancakes and sausage. Yep, I sure did! I don't know why, but when things are just seemingly overwhelming and crazy, my mom's food just tastes SO good. It's always good-she's a good cook but there is something about mom's cooking that is just so comforting. Thanks for supper Mom. :) 

The kids got to go for a ride in the back of Grandpa's pickup to go look for Lucky (Grandma and Grandpa's dog :)) since no one had seen him in a while. They drove around for a while with no luck only to find him in the machine shed where he had gotten in and couldn't get out. They thought it was hilarious. It was a good way to end a crazy couple of days. 

Then home with my CRANKY tired boy. He was pretty pale, and still kind of hoarse from screaming so much :( but just couldn't seem to settle. He was scared to go to sleep, even in our bed which is kind of unusual especially as tired as he was. Looking back, it was very possible he was playing us :) but at the same time I do wonder a bit if he was kind of scared to go to sleep because before when he was so tired he would drop off just for a second and then wake up screaming in pain. Either way, Daddy let him stay up to watch the World Series. It was cute. He was just snuggled in between us on the couch, asking Sam a million questions about baseball which Sam so patiently answered. When we went to bed, he was pretty sure that there was room for him right in the middle of me and Daddy in our bed, but Momma put the kibosh on that right away being that that little body is quite the mover at night and I desperately needed some sleep! :) I told him he could sleep on the floor beside me, so he did. When he woke up the next morning, he still didn't have much of an appetite, and was pretty snuggly which was completely ok with me. I didn't end up having to go to work that day so that worked out well. We wrapped up in a blanket in the rocker and watched cartoons. :) That afternoon, you would have never known there was anything wrong with him at all! Him and Claire were playing outside and he was completely normal. A little more thirsty than normal, but they say fluids are good with this sort of thing so we just kept his little cup he got from the hospital full of cold water and he was good! 

He's still doing antibiotics for the bladder infection and we have a follow up appointment this afternoon with our doctor, but other than that, he is good as gold! 

I still have to shake my head-my kids and their weird illnesses. My mom even asked around at work and people had never heard of a kid getting kidney stones. Like I said-we like to keep things from being too boring around our house I guess! I told someone the other day though. It's kind of like Claire's seizure. The first time was absolutely terrifying. After that, they are still incredibly scary, but I know what to look for, I know what to do, etc. I have done my research and familiarized myself with it a bit. All that being said, if he never has another one, that's fine too. :)

Again, a big thank you to everyone for all the prayers, texts, encouragement and love. Offers to help and Papa Murphy's pizza :). Short texts or messages letting us know you were praying. They all mean so incredibly much. Each time something crazy like this happens, you all step up EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. One time is incredible, but as many times as we've needed it??? Humbling. We will never be able to fully express our appreciation so I guess we'll just have to leave it at this. Thanks guys. We are so blessed that each of you are in our lives.

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